Mary Bolingbroke BSc


Mary Bolingbroke comes from an engineering family and a consequently a quest to understand how things work. After leaving school at 16 she spent a decade exploring life and the world whilst working in such varied fields as archaeology, floristry, catering, printing, house renovation and travel. In 1988 whilst caring for her Grandmother she was inspired to join the BSO and has been involved in osteopathy as a practitioner and teacher ever since.

“Throughout this journey I have been incredibly fortunate to have met, worked with and been taught by some of our most inspirational osteopaths. I have tried to integrate and pass on a little of what I have understood from them whilst combining it with what I have understood from the worlds of philosophy, psychology and spirituality; looking for the thread of healing that runs from the historical roots of health care to our current models based on research and scientific insight.”

Mary taught Principles and IVM work at the BSO under Martin Pascoe, worked at The Dublin Children’s Clinic and the London OCC. Since training with Dr Jim Jealous she has spoken at the Biobasics courses introducing students to the concepts of Biodynamic Osteopathy. Mary is currently helping teach a course exploring the teenage brain and adolescent health issues. She also teaches on an Irish paediatric training course and once a week travels deep into the Wiltshire countryside to treat horses!

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