Chris Campbell DO


Children, Osteopathy and J M Littlejohn – an approach to children’s health base upon osteopathic principles and the teachings of J M Littlejohn

Chris Campbell graduated from the Maidstone College of Osteopathy in 1988 and continued to study under John Wernham up to the early part of this century. During that time he served for a number of years as Vice Principal under Wernham and as Chairperson of the Institute of Classical Osteopathy.

On returning to Ireland for family reasons in 1988, he set up practice in Dublin  and commuted to Maidstone to fulfil his duties as Vice Principal, a position he had to relinquish as his practice and family responsibilities grew.

Chris Campbell currently practises from the Littlejohn Centre in Dublin and continues to teach osteopathic principles, technique and the treatment of children, mostly at postgraduate level.

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