International Collaboration

With significant expertise in the development and delivery of postgraduate education in the field of paediatric osteopathy, we have been invited to deliver courses outside of the UK. We also collaborate with other teaching organizations to promote and improve the quality of teaching in the paediatric field.

We currently collaborate with the Fondazione di Osteopatia Pediatrica (San Marino) to jointly award a Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO) to graduates. Several members of our faculty are involved in course delivery and clinical supervision. We are also present in the final clinical examinations at the end of this three year course.

The Osteopathisches Zentrum fur Kinder in Vienna is another of our affiliates, where our faculty regularly teach.

The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy has an experienced and expert faculty in all subjects related to teaching paediatric osteopathy at undergraduate and post graduate level.  We are often asked to teach outside of the UK and are happy to send a team from our faculty to deliver the required lectures and practicals.

If you are involved in delivery or design of a postgraduate paediatric osteopathy course and would like to discuss collaboration, please contact us at:

Available courses

Developing Osteopathy in Paediatrics: This two day course offers osteopaths to review some of the core principles involved in the osteopathic care of paediatric patients. It will consider some of the common infant presentations such as the unsettled baby, colic, reflux and plagiocephaly. The course also includes some practicals, designed to be practices on adults with discussion of the adaptations of these techniques to the paediatric patient (2 days)

Developing Osteopathy in Paediatric Anatomy: This course reviews the principles of development and the anatomy of paediatric patients. It considered the changes in structure of the child from infant to adulthood and the implications of this for function. Case studies and practicals are used to support learning. This course is best delivered over three days but can be shortened to two days.

Bespoke courses

With expertise all subjects related to paediatrics, we can also offer to develop and deliver a course on any paediatric subject.   If you are interested in planning a bespoke 2 or 3 day course in conjunction with the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy please contact us.