Stuart Korth DO DPO FICO Director of Osteopathy


On graduating from the BSO in 1964 Stuart Korth entered his father’s practice in Tunbridge Wells where he still works.

He instigated of courses in the Osteopathic Care of Children and Applied Technique at the BSO where he served also as Clinical Tutor and then ran a special clinic for problem cases, before setting up the Children’s Clinic at the ESO. Successfully completing a Further Education Teacher’s training was helpful in his work as an external examiner in Final Clinical Competence for the GCRO. Together with Richard Holding he redesigned the SCTF courses then run by the postgraduate department of the BSO and taught on those courses for some fifteen years.

In 1991 he co-founded the Osteopathic Centre for Children where he remains Director of Osteopathy. Numerous teaching assignments abroad have helped to pave the way for the establishment of courses in Paediatric Osteopathy and Children’s Clinics in several countries.

A frequent correspondent in the osteopathic press, he has written an number of papers. Yachting provides the refreshment.

“For over twenty years now I have had the great good fortune to share my vision for osteopathy with many extraordinarily gifted colleagues through working in the clinics of the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy. Nothing in my experience can compare with the insights gained in sharing the joys, tragedies, treatment successes and exposure to unusual and severe conditions that happen in the open clinic setting on a daily basis.”

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