Karen Carroll DO ND DPO FSCCO Consultant in Charge (Wednesdays) and Lecturer:


Karen has been involved with the OCC for the last 20 years. In addition to her works as a Consultant in clinic, she leads Clinical Presentations seminars for the DPO as well as teaching on various post graduate paediatric osteopathic courses throughout Europe. Karen has also taught on the Biobasics course in the UK as well as teaching postgraduate manual techniques courses in the UK and Poland.

Karen has also lectured nationally and internationally providing full day, evidence based seminars on low level laser therapy and continues to advise physicians, consultants and manual therapists on clinical aspects of this modality.

Karen is a Member of the SCCO research subcommittee, promoting research on osteopathy in the cranial field as well as having been an invited speaker at the Osteopathic European Academic Network on Teaching Research. She has completed many post graduate courses including the full Biodynamic Osteopathy curriculum (phases 1 – 8) and Treatment of Children modules, a course for osteopathic educators. Karen is Fellow of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy and the principal at Amersham Osteopathic Clinic in Buckinghamshire, UK

“When I came to the OCC for the first time around 20 years ago, it felt like I had come home – it was the first time I saw osteopathy being practised at its broadest, most inclusive, treating all who came, no matter income and social standing in a big, open plan happy clinic. It still feels like home twenty years later, and I am still proud to be part of the team”

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