Carole Meredith DO Consultant in Charge (Tuesdays) and Lecturer


Carole came to work at the Osteopathic Centre for Children as a Consultant for the Monday clinic in 1999 has continued in this role.  She has a passion for the scope of osteopathic practice and for anatomy.  She is responsible for leading the teaching of the advanced anatomy component of the DPO.

She  qualified from the BSO in 1977 and has been practising paediatric osteopathy ever since. For her first eight years in practice, she worked in Stuart Korth’s practice and went on to open her own practice in East Sussex.  Carole treats patients from “cradle to grave” with approximately 30% of her patients being under 18.

Carole studied and taught alongside Rollin Becker, Bob Fulford, John Harakal, Anne Wales and Edna Lay.  She has also taught for many years with the BSO post graduate IMS faculty and has lectured at the Vienese school,  The International Cranial Association  and to the final year students at the ESO.  In addition to her teaching at the Foundation, Carole currently teaches with The Rollin E Becker Institute.

“I believe the exciting aspect of paediatrics is by treating children you change the future. By training at the OCC you get the best fully supported and rounded paediatric training and experience which gives confidence to competently,successfully and safely treat simple  through to complex cases.”

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