Access Course

After careful consideration and review, in 2015 we decided to change the entry requirements for the DPO. We had previously required applicants to complete an SCTF (Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation) accredited course in recognition of the need for all students to have attained skill beyond the level of under- graduate training to work at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.

This year, we will once again be delivering our tailor-made Access Course. This course is designed specifically for less experienced applicants to increase their palpation and paediatric/developmental anatomy relevant to further paediatric training. This negates the need for an SCTF approved “cranial course” as an entry requirement for the DPO and en- ables new graduates to reach the required standard for entry and enables us not to be limited to just one technical style.

We are collaborating with the Rollin E Becker Institute in order to deliver this course and expect it to be comparatively more affordable for newer graduates. Not all students will need to complete the access course as prior experience and other post-graduate training may be considered equivalent.

DPO applicants who wish to attend the access course, need to apply through the DPO application process. We will discuss suitability of each applicant’s experience during the first interview and applicants will be invited to apply for the access course or exemption will be confirmed.