In recognition of the need to provide ongoing support for osteopaths who have been educated by the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy, an Alumni programme was launched in July 2008. This is a specific programme designed to nurture further development of osteopaths in the field of paediatrics and cultivate a learning community which will continue to draw from the expertise of our faculty.

The Foundation has been educating specialist osteopaths for over 10 years and there are now many osteopaths in several countries across the world who have been further gaining experience and specialist knowledge. The development of this alumni programme is the first of many steps towards continuing to promote and publicise the work of osteopaths as an integral part of children’s healthcare and disseminate expert knowledge and skills amongst the profession.

The Foundation offers CPD Courses which are exclusive to our Alumni members.

All osteopaths who have completed the two year Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO) or MSc in Paediatric Osteopathy course are eligible to be included on the list below.  If you meet these requirements and are interested please contact us at

All our members are fully qualified osteopaths registered with the General Osteopathic Council (if practising in the UK) and Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy alumni (graduates of a two year postgraduate programme which involved working in the Osteopathic Centre for Children for a minimum of two years).

United Kingdom
Kerry Anderson MOst DPO
Mary-Jane Anderton BSc DO
Peter Armitage DO DPO
Claire Arnold BSc(Hons) DPO
Natasha Arnott MOst DPO
Orella Aylies MOst DPO
Anna Liza Bailey BSc(Hons) DPO
Wendy Barker BA(Hons) BOst MSc
Sarah Bayley BSc(Hons) MSc
Stephen Beaver DO DPO
James Bibby BSc(Hons) DPO
Leone Booth BSc(Hons) DPO MSc
Tracey Cambridge BSc(Hons) DPO
Karen Carroll DO ND DPO
Brenda Case DO DPO
Susan Chinn BSc DPO
Hannah Cleaver BSc(Hons) DPO MSc
Eileen Coffey DO DPO
Ben Colyer BSc(Hons)Ost DPO MSTAT
Janice Conheeney-Budleigh BSc DPO
Amanda Cook BOst MSc
David Cooke BSc(Hons) DPO MSc
Margherita Corbo BSc(Hons) MSc
Pippa Cossens DO DPO
Maria Costello DO BSc(Hons) MSc
Sarah Coutts BA BOst MSc
Aimee Cox MOst DPO
Elizabeth Curphey BSc(Hons) DPO
Fabiano Da Silva DO DPO MSc
Lalaria de Klee MOst DO DN DPO
Sebastien De Sa Neves Da Rocha BSc(Hons) DPO
Samantha Doxford MOst DPO
Fiona Dunmore DO BOst MSc
Emily Dux BSc(Hons) DPO
Kathryn Elliott DO DPO
Samantha Fennell BOst MSc
Kaye Ferguson BSc(Hons) MSc
Kate Finberg MOst DPO
Julia Finlay BSc(Hons) BOst MSc
Beth Forrest BAppSc BOsteoSc MSc
Arabella Gaunt MSc MOSt BSc(Hons) DPO PGCert
Rosemary Gibbs BOst MSc
Julie-Ann Gillitt BSc(Hons) PGCE DipSports MOst DPO
Emmarose Goffe MOst DPO
Daniel Graham BSc(Hons) DO ND MSc
Simon Grayling BOst MSc
Fiona Greer BSc(Hons) MSc
Daphne Harman-Clarke MOst DPO
Juliet Hartis BSc(Hons) DO ND DPO
Emma Hayward MOst DPO
Imogen Hemingway DO DPO
Davina Hill MOst DPO
Vivien Hoford BSc(Hons) ND DPO
Kristy Hooper BOst MSc
Virginie Host BSc(Hons) MCSP MSc
Hilary Hubbers DO DPO
Marcia Hugall BSc(Hons) MSc
Taeona Hutton BSc(Hons)DPO MSc
Joanna Hyne DO DPO
Emily Jackson BSc(Hons) MSc
Christopher Johnson DO MSc
Alison Judah BSc DPO DO
Petra Kamarytova BSc MOst DPO
Rehana Kapadia BSc(Hons) MSc
Ben Katz BOst DPO MSc
Ernest Keeling MA DO DPO
Tom Kelman BSc(Hons) DPO
Claudia Knox BSc(Hons) MSc
Stuart Korth DO DPO FICO
Jenny Lalau-Keraly BSc DPO
Maria Larrain BOst DPO
Aude Lauriot-Prevost MOst DPO
Paul LeMesurier BSc Hons DPO
Harriet Lennon BSc(Hons) DPO PgCert FHEA
Christina Lenz BSc(Hons) MSc
Melissa Lodge BOst MICO MSc
Liv Lowrie BSc(Hons) DPO
Alex Lys BSc(Hons) MSc
Claire MacDonald DO DPO
Naval Mair DO BSc(Hons) DPO
Ania Maria Malaczynska BOst MSc
Richard Mays BSc(Hons) DPO
Julia McLaughlin BSc(Hons)Ost Med DPO
Natasha McLeod BSc(Hons)Ost Med DPO
Claire McKenna BSc(Hons) DPO
Ubhilasha Mistry MOst DPO
Lucy Morris BSc MHSc(Ost) DPO
Janice Moss DO DPO
Abby Mulholland MOst DPO
Zoe Mundell MOst DPO
Nancy Nunn BSc(Hons) DPO PgCert FHEA
Emma Nicolau MOst DPO
Camilla Oates MOst DPO
Salome Olivia DO ND DPO
Rhian Osborne BSc(Ost) DPO
Katie Oswell MOst BAppSci(Osteo) DPO
Alison Owen DO DPO
Rose Parker MOst DPO
Rachael Pereira BOst MSc
Sabrina Peyandane MOst DPO
Joellyn Piercey BSc DO MSc
Claire Piper DO DPO
Gemma Radmall MOst DPO
Miranda Redfern BOst DPO
Gemma Rice MSc Ped Ost BSc(Hons) Ost Med DPO
Andrea Rippe BOst MSc
Kim Rolshoven BSc(Hons) DPO
Lara Schweidler MOst DPO
Anna Scullard BOst MSc
Jacqueline Shergold MHS(Ost) BSc(Clinical Science)  DPO
Kerri-Lynne Sherrard BSc(Hons) DPO
John Silverstone BSc DO DPO
Laura Sierra DO DPO
Matthew Sloan BOst MSc
Dorothy Smith BA(Hons) MOst DPO
Julia Speare-Cole BOst BSc MSc
Aidan Spencer BOst MSc
Karina Spero BSc(Hons) BSc(Hons) DPO
Stephanie Stremair BSc(Hons) DPO
Juliet Stokoe BSc DO DPO
Lauren Storey  BSc(Hons) Ost Med ND DPO
Daniel Stuttard BSc(Hons) DPO
Maggi Talmadge BSc(Hons) DO ND MSc
Gemma Tattersall BSc (Clin. Sci) MHSc (Ost.) DPO
Helen Terentjev BSc(Hons) MSc
Elaine Tilley MOst BA(Hons) DPO
Laura Tilson BA(Hons) MOst DPO
Bibiana Timpanaro Crosier BA MA MOst DPO
Richard Tomlin BSc(Hons) MSc
Avni Trivedi BOst MSc
Simon Turgoose DO MSc
Matt Turner BOst MSc
Sue Upton DO DPO
Pamela Vaill Carter BSc(Hons) ND DPO MSc
Sarojni Vaja BSc(Hons) DPO
Alison van der Molen DO MSc
David Vaux BOst MSc
Fiona Wellington DO MRO DPO
Caroline Wells BSc(Hons) MSc
Roger Whalley MOst DPO PgC ACE
Ruth Wharton BSc DPO MSc
Laura Wheatley MOst DPO
Adam Whitfield BSc(Hons) Ost DPO
Tim Williams DO DPO
Mark Wilson DO DPO
Eva Winter BSc(Hons) DPO
Stephanie Witts BOst MSc

Laura Baldock BSc MHSc(Ost) DPO
Julian Howard BSc(Hons) MSc

Yannick Pascal BSc(Hons) MSc

Sonja Jelineck MOst DO DPO

Hong Kong
Leticia Maza Toledano BSc(Hons) MSc

Cyrille Lescar MOst DPO
Claire O’Mahony MOst DPO

Daniele Faccincani MOst DPO

New Zealand
Gavin Crisp BOst MSc

South Africa
Guy Ashburner BSc(Hons) DPO
Tanya Botha BSc MSc